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If you send someone a Calendly link, they can pick a date and time from your diary to meet with you.

As soon as they have done this, it appears within your Google calendar and you will receive an email, confirming the meeting.

There is a free version which allows you to offer one meeting type, i.e. a one-hour session.

A buffer can be setup between meetings.

If you pay a fee (annually or monthly) you can offer different types of meetings.

In addition, various integrations are available including Stripe payments and Zoom meeting link generation.

Before I started to use Calendly, I would send a client an email, having first investigated my diary and chosen two or three dates and times.

If the latter did not work for the client, we would go back and forth via email until we had settled on a date and time that worked for both of us.

Now, I just send them a Calendly link.

I have blocked off Fridays as I find that it is helpful to have a buffer for unexpected commitments.

As I am a marketing trainer, I have also blocked out Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, as these are popular training times.

You could try using Calendly for sales meetings or free consultations.

There is way of embedding Calendly in a WordPress page, by the way.

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