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Running towards success

By June 20th, 2023No Comments

In my mind I am a runner (!)

Yesterday, I went out for a run. Well, OK, a jog. Or, more accurately, a fast walk with brief bursts of jogging. I haven’t been for a run in a long time. Yes, I know that exercise is good for me. Luckily, having a house provides me with countless opportunities for exercise. Going out for a jog made me think about habits. As I find myself saying to my clients: “Knowing a thing and doing that thing are two different things entirely.”

There are many things that are good for us, both from a health and a business point of view. Why don’t we do them all? For example, with regards to growing your business, good habits include continual learning, creative thinking, creating more brand awareness, building your network, writing frequently and responding to sales leads as rapidly as possible.

What breaks a good habit? A change in circumstances. Work overload. Sudden success. A health setback. Mood swings. Life in general. (This could be a long list, couldn’t it?)

I really can’t remember why I stopped running. Mind you, as I am a workaholic with a wife, four (grown up) children, a house and my own business, I imagine that it was general ‘bizziness’.

Running your own business is easier if you are in good shape. Although my legs feel like jelly today, I will be going for another run tomorrow.

As you know, the benefits of keeping fit include sleeping better, weight control and an alert mind. What’s not to like? Besides jogging, what other forms of aerobic exercise could I take up, in your view? With regards to habits and starting or re-starting the good ones, what springs to mind in your case?

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