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How to get more Mailchimp subscribers and promote your newsletter

By February 19th, 2024No Comments

As a Mailchimp trainer I am often asked how to get more people to subscribe to a list.  Here are 17 ways to do this:

1. Embed a subscription form on your homepage and, ideally, every page of your website.

2. Include the ‘subscribe URL’ within the email signatures of everyone who works for your company. (Every Mailchimp list has its own signup form URL).

3. Create a newsletter signup page and promote the benefits of joining your list.

4. Display testimonials from happy readers.

5. Promote your newsletter via social media platforms (using the subscribe form URL).

6. Point your Twitter Followers at your newsletter page within your website (or signup form).

7. Run a competition for new subscribers (NB legislation covers this area).

8. Ask every purchaser (of everything that you sell) if they would like to receive your newsletter.

9. Promote your newsletter on the back of business cards.

10. Include information about your newsletter on all other printed matter, i.e. advertisements, direct mailshots, compliment slips, flyers, invoices, postcards etc.

11. Include a sample of your newsletter within your website, so that potential subscribers can see how well written, interesting and helpful it is.

12. Ask your subscribers to forward your newsletter.

13. At the end of business telephone conversations, ask people to subscribe.

14. At meetings and presentations, ask people to subscribe.

15. Once a quarter, produce a printed version of your newsletter and mail it out / hand it out.

16. Create such interesting, creative and helpful newsletters that subscribers recommend you to their friends.

17. Include a plug for your newsletter at the end of your blog posts….

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