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Capsule CRM review

By December 11th, 2018No Comments

I am a MailChimp consultant and trainer and I am often asked about CRM systems that work well with MailChimp. Capsule CRM integrates with MailChimp. Capsule is based in Manchester, UK and was founded in 2009. It is an easy to use system. (I often tell clients and seminar audiences: “The CRM that is best for you is the CRM that you actually use.”)

From the start, I found Capsule to be intuitive and practical. I like the list import feature, for example, in that the software helps you to assign data to the right fields.

The Contact View feature allows you to get a 360 degree view. As marketing is “all about customers”, putting the customer in the centre of things is a good idea.

When it comes to segmenting your customers, the use of Tags is very helpful. You can create Tags that make sense to your business and then search for people that have the appropriate Tags.

Capsule integrates well with social media, which is important from a Social Selling perspective.

The free version of Capsule allows you to have up to 250 contacts. Beyond that, you are looking at £8 per user per month and you can have up to 50,000 contacts. This is attractive pricing (and I have looked at dozens of CRM solutions).

Incidentally, because people keep asking me this question – I provide Capsule CRM consulting / training services (with or without the use of MailChimp). To find out more either call 01628 773128 or email or use the form:

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