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Are you trying to grow your business?

I realise that this may strike you as an odd question. Surely most commercial enterprises are trying to grow, aren’t they?

For various reasons, this may not be the case.

For example: “We are running as fast as we can just to stay still.”
“We don’t really do any marketing. Customers find us via word of mouth.”
“We spent a lot of money on advertising and it didn’t work. We are not doing that again.”
“I don’t have time to do all that marketing stuff. All of my time is spent solving problems, trying to keep customers and staff happy, dealing with suppliers and doing the accounts.”

If you wish to grow your business, what are your marketing numbers? These include:

1.  Target turnover figures for the next three years.
2.  The number of customers that you will have in each of these years.
3.  Marketing spend as expressed as a percentage of gross sales, per year.

Do you meet with your team (or a mentor) at least once a month and talk about company growth and the issues that surround it?

Do you keep track of your website stats, email open and click through rates, in-bound calls and other relevant marketing metrics? Do you know how many sales enquiries you receive per day / per week / per month?

If you have clear objectives and measure your progress towards your goal, you are much more likely to get there.

You must feel motivated to grow your business. It must be something that excites you – otherwise you won’t do all of the thousands of actions that are required over the long term to make it happen.

Remember that: “Whatever gets measured, gets done.” ~ Peter Drucker

Nigel Temple

Author Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple is a marketing consultant, speaker, trainer and writer. Topics include: AI / ChatGPT, Marketing strategy, Digital marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Mailchimp. Nigel is available to hire for a consultancy meeting, training workshop, speaking event or marketing project. Email: Or call Nigel on: 01628 773128

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