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How we use Capsule CRM

By November 12th, 2021No Comments

Within The Marketing Compass, we use Capsule CRM to keep track of business relationships. Capsule is a straightforward CRM (Customer Relationship Management system), which is not overloaded with features. The company is based in Manchester.

We use Capsule Professional, as we are a small team; this version allows you to delegate tasks and pool your knowledge.

Having a central CRM means that you can keep email addresses, telephone numbers and notes up to date for your customers (bearing GDPR in mind of course).

You can lookup people / organisations with similar interests, or in the same part of the country. (The more that you use your CRM the better it gets).

Capsule integrates with MailChimp seamlessly, which we like, as we want a single, unified system. In fact, it was via my MailChimp training and consultancy work that I discovered Capsule, as training delegates / clients often ask me which CRM systems I recommend.

On the one hand, having an up-to-date CRM is like having a personalised phone directory. You can find dormant, current and prospective clients as well as suppliers and media contacts etc.

When someone calls, if they are inside Capsule, their name shows up on our smartphones as we have integrated the CRM with our softphone system.

Capsule currently offers a 30 day free trial so that you can assess the software.

It does take time to update Capsule every day; however, it makes us feel that we are on top of things. This includes our sales pipeline for membership packages and marketing training services.

Do you use a CRM? Which one is it? Do you keep it up-to-date? Do you have any questions about CRM systems? You can ask via this blog or via The Marketing Compass, which is free to join.

If you are looking for Capsule CRM training click here.

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