Anchor text is the text contained within a hyperlink. This is important, as the search engines analyse this.

For example  …or…  The Marketing Compass impartial marketing advice

Search engines examine anchor text in order to figure out what the destination web page is about.

They are doing their best to be helpful to the searcher.

Think of it this way: Google would like to know as much as possible about the subject of the page to which the link points.

Therefore, inserting keywords into anchor text helps search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to do a better job.

Have you noticed how Wikipedia pages contain anchor text? One topic leads to another and yet another.

Wikipedia is at the top page 1 for millions of items. I have no doubt that its extensive use of anchor text has helped it to get there.

Here is a tip: if someone wants to link to your website send them a pre-prepared hyperlink (along the lines of the one above – but with your URL / keywords within it).

Here is another tip – within your website, all of your links to other websites should open up in a new browser window.

If you have an easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress, you will be able to do this without getting involved in the code (HTML).

Here is an SEO glossary of terms which includes SEO tips and advice

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple BA (Hons) MCIM is a marketing consultant, speaker and trainer. He helps enterprises to find more customers and to communicate with them more effectively. Email: | Call: +44 (0)1628 773128

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