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I am often asked whether there is a connection between blogging and sales leads.

The short answer, is that yes, there is.

I have written several hundred blogs within this website and I have noticed the following.

When I blog on a regular basis, my Google Analytics stats improve and I receive more website visitors.

Some of these visitors are interested in what I do.

They subscribe to my newsletter and I receive sales leads from that source.

A smaller percentage fill in a contact form within my website.

Or they may email or call me.

They are more likely to do this if they keep returning to my website.

Continual blogging keeps my name ‘out there’ in front of customers as well as people who recommend me.

This happens quite often.

Some 5% of people are active referrers and they keep a close watch on what is going on.

If someone is writing regularly about their chosen subject (or a cluster of inter-related subjects), the right people will notice.

Customers, network members, advocates, journalists and others are always talking to each other.

Of course, much of this communication is private.

Think about the last time that someone referred someone to you.

They probably didn’t make a big song and dance about it.

Quite often, you will not be able to see how the referral chain worked and what sparked the recommendation.

Good content that you have shared, may have been a factor.

Another aspect of blogging is that you have to learn, think about and research your chosen topic.

Some of my blogs write themselves. This happens when I already know the subject well.

Quite often, I have to check things and learn.

Luckily for me, I enjoy this process.

Another question that I have heard is: should I include a call to action?

Personally, I think that the answer to this question is no, as it is likely to put the reader off.

I have experimented with doing this, by the way.

If you enjoy writing and have useful, interesting and informative information to share, my advice is to blog frequently and to focus on being as helpful as you can be.

Nigel Temple

Author Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple is a marketing consultant, speaker, trainer and writer. Topics include: AI / ChatGPT, Marketing strategy, Digital marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Mailchimp. Nigel is available to hire for a consultancy meeting, training workshop, speaking event or marketing project. Email: Or call Nigel on: 01628 773128

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