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The copywriting habit

By November 4th, 2022No Comments

If you have the copywriting habit and produce interesting and relevant marketing copy on a continual basis, you will attract more customers. You will also learn a great deal and improve your confidence.

We are drawn to the activities that we enjoy the most. On the one hand, if you like to write, you’re probably already a productive writer. On the other hand, many business people and some marketing and communications professionals are not keen on writing.

If this sounds like you, it may be because:
*  You are not sure what to write about in the first place
* It is difficult to get the information that you require from other people
*  You find it hard to get started, partly because there are so many distractions
*  You are interrupted by people all the time, either in person or via calls and emails
*  You write and edit at the same time
*  You feel overwhelmed by it all and give up
*  You have not received copywriting training to help you to write better copy for websites, newsletters, blogs, direct response marketing, adverts or other forms of specialised marketing copy
*  You feel guilty that you are not doing something which is more immediately productive
*  You have poor spelling
*  The grammar doesn’t make sense
*  When you read your copy out loud, you feel physically sick
*  You have a sinking feeling, when you ask a colleague to review your copy
*  You do not feel confident with regards to the quality of your writing

The challenge is that you may not be comfortable with writing, for one or more of the above reasons. I am sure that you are busy; so it may simply be that you don’t have the time to write as much as you would like to.

All of these issues can be resolved. The ability to write copy that is easy to read and meets its objective is a skill that will serve you well. It will open doors for you and earn you money and respect.

Having the confidence and skills to produce convincing, authentic, interesting marketing copy will help your enterprise to attract and keep customers. This is regardless of whether you work on your own or for a startup, an established small business, a charity, a professional services firm, a manufacturer, an ecommerce company, a shop or retail chain, a multinational company or the government.

Take time out to see the big picture, including your strategic approach to writing; this will help you to avoid the death spiral that awaits so many enterprises.

Create deadlines

How much time do you have to produce your copy? How many stages are there in the editing process? Professional writers work to deadlines and so should you.

When will you get the writing done?  Plan your writing time. Set time aside in your diary. Make this a high priority, otherwise urgent work will take over from important work, such as copywriting. The copywriting habit is worth having and I wish you all the best with your writing.

Nigel Temple provides copywriting training services.

Nigel Temple

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