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A copywriting tip leads to activity and connection requests within LinkedIn

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Yesterday, I posted the following copywriting tip within LinkedIn:

“A contact has updated their website with new wording. I noticed that there are some typos. I have found that if I point out grammatical and punctuation challenges, the changes are made and little learning takes place. So I gave this feedback: “There are a few typos on the homepage. I suggest that you read the webcopy out loud and slowly. When I lead copywriting workshops, the delegates are amazed by what they pick up, when they do this.”

I was quite surprised by the amount of feedback that it received. At the time of writing this comprised:  7 Likes, 4 Comments and 572 Views (scroll down to see a screenshot). Nothing to write home about, you may say, but not bad for a short social media update.

As you can see, the update comprised a tip. It was concise. As people began to comment, I responded to their comments.

This morning, I have had 2 new connection requests within LinkedIn and several new notifications. So I have posted another tip, this time on MailChimp training.

LinkedIn is a big subject and they have a habit of moving things around, don’t they?

~ Nigel Temple provides LinkedIn training for professionals and sales teams ~

Copywriting tips

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Is writing something that you enjoy doing? The ability to write fluidly and quickly will help you when it comes to writing website content, blogs, articles, newsletters and social media posts. Here’s some copywriting tips…

I have written books, training manuals and marketing guides. Personally, I love to write but I know that many business people don’t. If you are amongst the latter, here are some tips which may help.

Use Twitter to practice your writing skills, every day. You only have 140 characters to get your message across!

If facing a blank page scares you, keep a notepad handy and write down those great ideas when they come to you. An alternative is to capture your ideas via www.evernote.com which I couldn’t live without.

English grammar can be a something of a challenge. Take the time to get to grips with it. This knowledge will serve you for a lifetime.

Writers are readers. Read novels, business books and quality newspapers. (Interestingly, the Economist refers to itself as a newspaper, not a magazine).

If you need more copywriting tips or if you feel that you need some help with your writing, you are welcome to ask me for feedback. One way of doing this is by joining The Marketing Compass.

I wish you all the best with your business, your marketing and your writing!

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