LinkedIn content ideas

LinkedIn content ideas

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What should you write about in LinkedIn?

Are you ever stuck for LinkedIn content ideas? Here are some ideas for you:

* Blogs that you have written.
* Case studies describing how customers have benefited from your products / services. People love stories and they remember them.
* Client / customer information and news.
* Events that you are running including open days, open courses, webinars, in-house workshops.
* Exhibitions, where you are exhibiting.
* Exhibitions, where you are attending as a visitor; you can tell your network and ask whether anyone else is attending.
* Feature announcements: you don’t have to wait until the next product launch.
* Images containing numbers / statistics displayed in interesting ways.
* Industry news (i.e. the industry that you work in).
* Job postings (full time, part time).
* LinkedIn questions, ‘Can someone tell me how I do this…..?
* LinkedIn tips and ways of getting more out of LinkedIn.
* Milestones including 1 year, 5 years, 10 years etc that your business has been trading and personal milestones (“I was surprised that, between us, our management team has been working in this industry for XXX years. Some of the changes we have seen include….)
* Photographs including customers using your products / services in interesting ways.
* Predictions are always interesting, as people want to know what is happening next.
* Podcasts, new.
* Products that you sell: tips and ideas for getting the best out of them.
* Products that you are launching.
* Public speaking engagements for yourself / colleagues.
* Research that you have produced.
* Services that you provide: tips and ideas for getting the best out of them.
* Services that you are launching.
* Thought leadership pieces.
* Trends for your industry and the products / services that you market.
* Videos that you have created. Either one-off or a series. They can be short, i.e. one minute or less, or much longer. Yes, I know that many people say not to post long videos, however, if the subject and delivery are interesting, you will be surprised at how many views they receive. It is said that videos work five times better than other forms of content.
You can either post brief ‘status’ updates or articles, which can be long form (i.e. high word count).
* Photographs including customers using your products / services in interesting ways.
* Predictions are always interesting, as people want to know what is happening next.
* Podcasts, new
* Products that you sell: tips and ideas for getting the best out of them
* Products that you are launching
* Services that you provide: tips and ideas for getting the best out of them
* Services that you are launching
* Trends for your industry and the products / services that you market
* Videos that you have created. Either one-off or a series. They can be short, i.e. one minute or less, or much longer. Yes, I know that many people say not to post long videos, however, if the subject and delivery are interesting, you will be surprised at how many views they receive. It is said that videos work five times better than other forms of content.

You can either post brief ‘status’ updates or articles, which can be long form (i.e. high word count).

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LinkedIn connection requests – what to include in the message

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When it comes to LinkedIn connection requests,  what should you include in the message, particularly when you are connecting with someone that you don’t know personally?

Here are some tips and ideas for you.

* It is fine to visit their profile once or twice, prior to making the connection request.

* Always include a personal message and start this with their name; triple check that you have the correct spelling for their name.

* I start my messages with ‘Hi’, however, you may feel that ‘Dear’ is more appropriate.

* Make the message about them, not you. Mention something that you noticed about them and / or their organisation, within the connection request message.

* If possible, refer to someone you both know (if they are a mutual LinkedIn connection, so much the better).

* Mention a Linkedin Group that you both belong to. (This is a good reason to join Groups, by the way).

* Mention something that you saw in their website or in the media.

* Before you press send, check the spelling carefully.

Here is an example of Message or In-Mail to a new contact:

Hi Susan
I have been reading your articles within LinkedIn about (ISSUE) and I noticed that we both know (CONTACT NAME). I have visited your website and I read (BLOG OR WEB PAGE) with interest. It would be great to connect with you.
Kind regards, (YOUR NAME)

How would you feel if you received a message like this?  You would probably think to yourself that at least they have taken the time and trouble to write a personalised message.

The recipient of the connection request will probably look at your LinkedIn profile. Therefore, it is important to keep the information up-to-date. Use the available word count. For the Summary section this is 200-250 characters or about 25-42 words.

Beware of sending connections requests via your smartphone. They can whizz off without giving you the chance of including a personal message.

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A copywriting tip leads to activity and connection requests within LinkedIn

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Yesterday, I posted the following copywriting tip within LinkedIn:

“A contact has updated their website with new wording. I noticed that there are some typos. I have found that if I point out grammatical and punctuation challenges, the changes are made and little learning takes place. So I gave this feedback: “There are a few typos on the homepage. I suggest that you read the webcopy out loud and slowly. When I lead copywriting workshops, the delegates are amazed by what they pick up, when they do this.”

I was quite surprised by the amount of feedback that it received. At the time of writing this comprised:  7 Likes, 4 Comments and 572 Views (scroll down to see a screenshot). Nothing to write home about, you may say, but not bad for a short social media update.

As you can see, the update comprised a tip. It was concise. As people began to comment, I responded to their comments.

This morning, I have had 2 new connection requests within LinkedIn and several new notifications. So I have posted another tip, this time on MailChimp training.

LinkedIn is a big subject and they have a habit of moving things around, don’t they?

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What do the green LinkedIn profile buttons mean?

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Have you noticed the green buttons that sometimes appear just underneath the circular photo of a member of LinkedIn?

Starting informal conversations via a LinkedIn message can be an effective way of getting noticed and moving onto a business topic.

You can now see who is online and available, within LinkedIn.

On a desktop / laptop, click on ‘My Network’ / ‘See all’.

A list of your connections appears. Some of them will have a green dot (they are logged into LinkedIn and they are using a desktop / laptop).

On a mobile, visit a connection’s profile to see their ‘green dot status’.

If the green dot has a white centre, they are on LinkedIn via a mobile phone.

This feature works for paying and non-paying LinkedIn members.

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Social media broadcasting versus engagement

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Within social media, an example of ‘broadcasting’ would be sharing your blog entries. Some companies do little else.  A few of them are very good at doing this, particularly if the blogs are relevant to their target market and are well written, helpful and useful.

Sadly, this is not always the case. You may be aware of some enterprises / brands that churn out huge volumes of blog material, much of which is of little value.

An alternative strategy is engagement. For example, you can ask a member of Twitter a question by sending a Tweet which includes their Twitter handle. They will see that they have been mentioned via ‘Notifications’.

Another example would be the use of instant messaging with LinkedIn or Facebook. As I am writing this post, my smartphone has been pinging, as new instant messages arrive via LinkedIn.

In addition, you can of course Like, Comment or Share other people’s content. I am selective when I do this and I only Like content which is interesting, thought provoking etc.

When I comment on someone’s social media content I am always positive. I am not saying that you should do what I do, and I have noticed that other people can be controversial or negative in their comments. I have always wondered if this works for them, if they have something to market / sell?

An effective strategy is to combine broadcasting with engagement. Yes, I realise that this is time consuming but it beats cold calling,  doesn’t it?

As always, I welcome comment and feedback on my posts.

How to build your LinkedIn network

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In order to build your LinkedIn network, follow these steps.

More connections lead to more conversations, which in turn leads to more business. Think in terms of contacts, clients, influencers, prospective clients and highly networked people. LinkedIn will then work better for you. You can accept up to 30,000 connections; however you only (initially) have 3000 contact requests (you may be able to increase this).

When you make an interesting new contact, check to see if they belong to LinkedIn. If they do, put in a connection request.

The search function only allows you to search for people within your network, the networks of each of your contacts and their contact’s networks. If you have not joined by accepting an invitation to connect with someone who is already on LinkedIn, you will need to build your personal network from scratch, by connecting via email.

* You can do this by clicking the Connect (or Send InMail) button on their profile page.
* Search results – Click Connect to the right of the person’s information.
* Via My Network / People you may know

If you have accepted an invitation to link with someone who has an established network within LinkedIn, you will instantly have access to their network. The quickest way to build your network is to connect with people who are already on LinkedIn. You can do this by emailing some of your contacts, providing them with your LinkedIn URL and asking them to connect with you.

Be an ‘open networker’

Connect with your existing contacts. In addition, you should be open to connecting with new people. This will give you access to a much wider network. Building an extensive network on LinkedIn provides you with access to a huge database of contacts. The more contacts you have, the further your reach and influence.

Showing up within LinkedIn search results

Another benefit of having many 1st degree connections is that when someone is looking for a product or service that you offer, their search results will show 1st level connections first, then 2nd level connections etc.

Shared connections

Increase the number of shared connections that you have between yourself and a contact you are trying to influence. Prospective clients are impressed when they notice that you know many of the same people that they do. The maximum number of connections which appear within a Profile is 500 (make it a key objective to reach this level).

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Using LinkedIn for free to find more customers by Nigel Temple

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7 LinkedIn tips

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linkedin-7-tipsHere are 7 LinkedIn tips:

1). Update your Profile. Here are some LinkedIn Profile tips

2). Continually build your network, even when you’re busy. It is better to build your network gradually, over time, than in a sudden rush. Give a reason for making a connection, i.e. that you both know a LinkedIn member.

3). Check your LinkedIn account regularly. Ideally, this should be every working day. You can do this via the App…

4). Use the LinkedIn App:

5). Make use of LinkedIn Slideshare.  Learn more about Slideshare here.

6). Be responsive, helpful, positive, professional and polite. People remember kindness. They like it when someone responds quickly. They get annoyed by slow response or no response (don’t you?) Respond to messages as rapidly as possible, even when they are not from prospective customers.

7).  Give credit where credit is due via Likes, Comments and Shares. Add value when you comment with something that is relevant, helpful and interesting.

To read more blogs on this subject, enter ‘LinkedIn’ within the search box (top of the right hand column). You will find entries like this one: 10 ways to attract more clients via LinkedIn

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10 ways to attract more clients via LinkedIn

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LinkedIn trainingHere are 10 ideas for attracting more clients via LinkedIn:

1. Start with objectives. What sort of clients are you trying to talk to? How many clients do you want? Where are they located? This information should be in your marketing plan. In fast changing times, you may be wondering whether marketing plans are a waste of time? A concise, written plan will help you to clarify your thinking. It will serve as the foundation for your promotional activities, including Linkedin sales and marketing.

2. Revisit your Profile and see it from your clients’ perspective. Here are some LinkedIn profile tips. Include relevant key words / key word phrases within your Profile. When potential clients search for these terms, the keywords will help you to be found.

3. Publish articles regularly within LinkedIn. Clients often ask me: “What should I write about?” This article on content marketing may help. Write interesting, up-to-date material. Always include an image within your articles. Share them within relevant LinkedIn Groups and via other social media platforms i.e. Twitter. If you are not a writer or don’t have the time to write, call me on 01628 773128 or email to discuss my copywriting services.

4. It is important to guard your ‘reputation capital‘. Has your LinkedIn network recommended you for appropriate Skills?

5. In addition to Skills, do you have a solid list of Recommendations? Are they the right ones? They matter, as prospective clients will check them out.

6. LinkedIn should open up automatically within your web browser, every morning….

7. ….which means that you will be ‘nudged’ to check contact requests, mentions and messages. It is important to react quickly to these. Respond to prospective clients when they engage with you within LinkedIn. This can be done via a LinkedIn message, an email or a telephone call. Be open, professional and helpful.

8. Keep up-to-date with the ever changing functionality of LinkedIn. Have you and your colleagues ever had any LinkedIn training?

9. Gradually expand your network by connecting with potential clients. You should also connect with members of their network.

10. Measure your results and keep learning.

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LinkedIn company page tips and ideas

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Linkedin logo2Do you have a LinkedIn company page? When did you last look at it? Have you checked out the analytics there?

At the time of writing, there are over two million company pages within LinkedIn. When you hover over a members’ current / previous places of work, if there is an associated company page, a pop up box will appear. The pop up box provides a brief description of the enterprise, a guide to the number of employees and the industry within which the enterprise operates. If a company website address is included, you can click on this and go directly to their site. This is a very handy reference and buyers / new potential contacts will look at this and jump to your Company page for more info (or your website).

According to LinkedIn, 80% of their members want to connect with companies – in order to learn more about them and keep posted when they release news. A Company page should include a logo and a description of what the enterprise does and delivers (i.e. features and benefits).

You should encourage people to Follow your company within LinkedIn. You can do this by keeping your page up-to-date, following other company pages and including a link to your Company page within your marketing communications. You can find embed buttons here:

Ensure that everyone in your organisation who is on LinkedIn follows your Company page. Ask suppliers and other relevant people to do the same. If you are the Administrator for your Company page, you will be able to see an ‘Analytics’ button when you view the page.

You can post updates for selected Company page followers. You can also create Showcase pages for different aspects of your business. (This is an option when you are editing your Company page).

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LinkedIn profile tips

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Here are some LinkedIn Profile tips.  You don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression – so it is important to have a professional, current Profile.

Linkedin logo2

► Your Profile = your advertisement on LinkedIn.
► Is the information within your Profile up-to-date?
► Does your photograph show you smiling and facing the camera?
► Is your photograph in colour, does it fit the available space properly?
► The line of text underneath your name is your strapline. It shows up all over LinkedIn. Are you happy with it?
► Create a company page and ensure that it appears to the right of ‘Current’ (to the right of your photo).
► Ensure that your Contact Info section is filled in, including a business email address and phone number.
► Is it clear what you actually do?
► Your Summary section should be written in the first person. It should focus on what you deliver (not just what you do).
► If you want more Endorsements and Recommendations, give more Endorsements and Recommendations.
► Have you proof-read everything?

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