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How to generate ideas for content marketing / blogs …part 1

By October 27th, 2014No Comments

I recommend that you blog at least once a week. Serious players blog every day. Producing new ideas for your website content can be a challenge, can’t it? Here is a checklist of 14 ways to produce new ideas for content marketing / blogs:Content marketing - photograph copyright holder Nigel Temple

  1. Have a whiteboard in your office where you can write new ideas.
  2. Carry a notebook around with you: when an idea comes – write it down.
  3. Have a monthly content marketing ideas brainstorming session.
  4. Write customer stories, as people love a good story.
  5. Write about the blood, sweat and tears which go into your products / services.
  6. What are you currently doing. What’s new / interesting / innovative?
  7. Reveal some of your plans for the future (and I hope that you have one).
  8. Create a  Google Drive (or similar) spreadsheet (easy to search).
  9. Pick up media stories and commment on them.
  10. Experiment with video blogs.
  11. Create a giant Mind Map, as Mind Mapping helps you to think in a different way.
  12. Read non-competitive blogs as this will spark ideas for you.
  13. Keep a pen and paper by the side of your bed.
  14. Talk to anyone who will listen about your blogs. As you talk, new ideas will arrive.

By the way, IMHO don’t analyse what your competition is doing. You will just end up copying them. It is important to be original and lead the field. I’m often asked by clients and seminar delegates how to generate ideas for content marketing / blogs and I hope that this checklist helps you. 

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