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Are you a WordPress user? When you login to your site, you should find ‘Quick Draft’ within the Dashboard (which is the top item on the menu on the left of the screen).

You can use it to dash off a quick post. You then save your draft post (blog) idea and complete it later.

Google likes fresh content. Customers like to read about your products, services, tips and ideas. The more you write, the more you sell.

I believe that there is a strong argument for writing frequently. The benefits include better quality (writing is a craft that improves with use); deeper thought about your business (the act of writing creates new ideas); and a greater share of the search engines’ attention. Quick Draft helps you to get going and get something out there.

The objective is to ‘just write’ which I teach in my copywriting training courses. On this basis, don’t bother with images or search engine meta data (keywords). Matt Cutts from Google recommends that you write frequently and share your knowledge. Google will find you.

NB Note that this approach flys in the face of the advice that you may have heard about SEO and researching keywords. If you are interested in this issue, you are welcome to ask via The Marketing Compass.

PS I kicked off this post via Quick Draft and completed it in the Posts section of WordPress.


Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple BA (Hons) MCIM is a marketing consultant, speaker and trainer. He helps enterprises to find more customers and to communicate with them more effectively. Email: | Call: 01628 773128