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WordPress benefits

By June 24th, 2021No Comments

Here is a checklist of WordPress benefits:

1.  The software is free.
2.  WordPress gives you control over your own website: it is a CMS (Content Management System).
3.  Over 50,000 plugins are available, mostly for free. They provide software functionality, i.e. contact forms and help with SEO.
4.  There are thousands of WordPress themes (‘look and feel’), so that you can create professional looking websites.
5.  Google likes WordPress; it is easy for non-technical people to create Google friendly content.
6.  It is easy to create new pages and blog entries that will bring visitors to your website.
7.  It is easy to upload images and add an Alt Tag to them, which will help your SEO
8.  It is easy to update to the latest version of WordPress and also to update plugins.
9.  Many website hosting companies offer easy WordPress ‘one-click’ installation.
10. 39% of websites use WordPress.
11. Once you know your way around WordPress, it is easy to use.
12. Adding new pages and blogs, for example, is very straightforward.
13. You don’t need to understand HTML to use WordPress (although, from time to time it can help).
14. Multiple Users can access your WordPress site, i.e. yourself, a copywriter and a site administrator.
15. Support is widely available.

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