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linkedin-7-tipsHere are 7 LinkedIn tips:

1). Update your Profile. Here are some LinkedIn Profile tips

2). Continually build your network, even when you’re busy. It is better to build your network gradually, over time, than in a sudden rush. Give a reason for making a connection, i.e. that you both know a LinkedIn member.

3). Check your LinkedIn account regularly. Ideally, this should be every working day. You can do this via the App…

4). Use the LinkedIn App:

5). Make use of LinkedIn Slideshare.  Learn more about Slideshare here.

6). Be responsive, helpful, positive, professional and polite. People remember kindness. They like it when someone responds quickly. They get annoyed by slow response or no response (don’t you?) Respond to messages as rapidly as possible, even when they are not from prospective customers.

7).  Give credit where credit is due via Likes, Comments and Shares. Add value when you comment with something that is relevant, helpful and interesting.

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