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HubSpot CRM review

By April 28th, 2023No Comments

hubspotHubspot CRM is a free to use Customer Relationship Management solution. It is cloud based, so that you can access it from a website browser or a mobile phone.

Hubspot CRM enables you to store all of your contacts in one place and easily access this information. See:

Customer interactions are tracked automatically. Sales deals are displayed within a dashboard. You can sort by name, owner, amount or stage and use customisable filters.

All of which means that you will be in control of your sales pipeline and won’t have to worry about losing sales prospects.

In addition to the CRM there is HubSpot Sales:

HubSpot Sales free account

The package includes:
* The HubSpot CRM system
* Email scheduling – if you use HubSpot Sales with Google Apps
* Email open notifications
* Unlimited real-time email open notifications
* Email tracking history of up to 200 notifications per month in your Activity Stream
* Create up to five email Templates
* Upload up to five Documents
* 15 minutes of Calling
* The account stays free forever (unless you upgrade)

Therefore, you can have an easy to use CRM + HubSpot Sales free account and not spend any money.

HubSpot Sales Professional

The package includes:
* HubSpot CRM
* Email scheduling – if you use HubSpot Sales with Google Apps
* Email open & click notifications
* Unlimited real-time notifications and email tracking history
* Prospects: access to the companies visiting your website
* Email Templates: 1,000 per user per month
* Calling: 2,000+ minutes of voice over IP calling from your phone or browser
* Document tracking: 1,000 per user per month
* Sequences: 1,000 per user per month
* Meetings: your recipients can access your calendar to book time with you

As part of the family, there is also HubSpot Marketing

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