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Is it important to keep learning?

By June 16th, 2021No Comments

Most people would answer “yes” to the question: “Is it important to keep learning?” However, now that we all have 2nd brains (smartphones), why bother? After all, you can look up facts and figures and get instant answers on your phone, can’t you? If you need to get a complex task done, you can hire an expert.

Increasingly, the expert will come with 5 star recommendations from a website / App. For example, there are TV adverts for websites where you can hire household jobs experts (plumbers, electricians etc).

You can now talk in real time to another person in a foreign language (that you don’t speak) using an App. It is not perfect, but software has a habit of getting better, doesn’t it?

So why bother learning anything?

Here are some reasons to keep learning:

  • The more you learn, the more connections your brain makes
  • Greater knowledge = greater confidence
  • Having a conceptual understanding of a subject makes a big difference when it comes to decision making
  • Your job / business is probably threatened by AI and other forms of disruption
  • If you don’t keep learning, what do you think happens to your brain?
  • Successful people are learners

What do you think? How will learning change over the next five years?

What are you learning at the moment?

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