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Relaunching a YouTube channel

Here are some thoughts on relaunching a YouTube channel, following the relaunch of The Marketing Compass YouTube channel:

* If you have had a channel for some time, reconsider your target market. Who, exactly, is your channel aimed at?
(I have posted a market segmentation video within our channel, which may help).

* Work your way through your videos and either delete or ‘make private’ old videos that you do not wish to display any longer.

* Take a close look at your channel artwork. This is important, as first impressions count. Have you included your logo? Are you using the right font? Is there a clear message / benefit for new subscribers?

* If the artwork needs changing, you can do this for free via

* Include a 30 second channel intro video. This should tell people why they should Subscribe.

* Think about your video titles as these act as headlines. We have gone for a 3 part approach, showing the Playlist name, the video title, our brand name + the video number. Here is an example:

Marketing Strategy | Differentiation – How to stand out from the crowd | The Marketing Compass 07

* Success is all about the first few seconds of your videos: what are the benefits of watching, in a world full of distractions?

* Familiarise yourself with YouTube Content Studio, which is packed with interesting features.

Nigel Temple

Author Nigel Temple

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