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Here is a checklist of Mailchimp tips.


What is the primary objective of your email campaigns?

Can you write this down in one sentence?

Mailchimp Audience

It is good idea, if possible, to only have one Mailchimp Audience.

This will mean that everything is in one place.

Your stats will improve and it is much easier to find subscribers.

Sometimes, it makes sense to have a separate audience, for example for a different company or country.


Tags can be used to add attributes to a subscriber.

They are private and cannot be seen by the subscriber.

Many enterprises prefer to use Tags on their own, without using Groups.

Subject lines

Spend more time thinking about your campaign Subject line, as this is the gateway to the campaign.

Difficult to understand, unengaging Subject lines = lower opening rates.

Campaign content

Make it interesting, useful and helpful.

Focus on the subscriber’s needs.

Write short sentences, just like this one.

Edit mercilessly.

Campaign reports

Always look at the campaign report.

Signup form

Check your Audience’s signup form, as it generates the Preferences centre.

Promote your newsletter

If you are using Mailchimp as a promotional tool, promote your newsletter widely.

Include a signup form within every page of your website.

Use the EepURL (signup form link) within company emails and social media.

Mailchimp training

Mailchimp is a big system and they are continually adding new functionality. Nigel Temple offers Mailchimp training.

“Nigel Temple is a walking MailChimp encyclopaedia. He answered all of our questions and showed us how to get the best out of the software.” ~ David Matthews, Mizuno Corporation

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Nigel Temple

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