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Breaking old habits and learning something new

By October 31st, 2014No Comments

To a large extent, human beings are creatures of habit. Think about your routine first thing in the morning. You probably do everything in the same order, don’t you? Without really thinking about it, we find ourselves watching the same TV programmes, visiting the sames shops, maintaining old skills, telling the same jokes and keeping the same opinions. After all, life is difficult enough without doing everything differently all the time, isn’t it? This is fine if you are content to drift along and don’t have aspirations to improve yourself and grow your business. Habits are powerful things. It can be difficult to see the life you are living and how much of it is routine based.

Learning a new skill can help with your other skills (you have 100 billion active brain cells and they are highly interconnected). This will make you a more interesting person, in your personal and professional life. An example for me, this year, is learning German – which I have not studied before. I have been surprised at how many people speak either a little German or are fluent in the language. Learning something new increases your confidence. Learning helps you to stay young. If you make learning a habit, you will be more open to trying out new marketing and sales skills.

Here are some ideas for you:

Personal development
*  Learn a new language (there are free apps which can help you)
*  Learn a musical instrument
*  Take up a new sport
*  Try a new hobby
*  Read a different genre of book

*  Experiment with a new promotional technique
*  Learn a new software program
*  Do something new with your website
*  Visit a new networking group
*  Learn how to write and publish a book
*  Become a public speaker

it takes 21 days to form a new habit – so don’t give up too soon!

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“I am still learning.” ~ Michelangelo, aged 87.

Nigel Temple

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