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Video frequency – how often should you shoot YouTube videos?

I am often asked about video frequency: “how often should you shoot YouTube videos?” Short videos are a powerful way of communicating. Video marketing will start to happen for you if you have everything permanently set up in your office. In addition, if you carry a video camera or a suitable smartphone with you, you can film events which you attend and interview customers.

Here is an example of a short YouTube video which I shot in my office:

My answer to this question is “at least once a week.” This is on the basis that ‘little and often beats big and infrequent’.

It is fine to spend some of your budget on high class movies, i.e. for your homepage (if you are looking for a videographer, ask me for a recommendation, or ask via The Marketing Compass website).

Here are some things I have learnt / am aware of:

* I realise that the quality is not great (within the above video), so I will be upgrading the equipment I use.

* I have discovered that the more videos I shoot, the more confident I get.

* Within YouTube, you can tag your videos, just like you would a web page – so there are SEO benefits.

If you have any questions about video marketing, you are welcome to ask via

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