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Creative thinking for business and marketing

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Nigel Temple offers Creative thinking for marketers training

I have found that business and marketing are creative thinking exercises. As a marketer, you must be able to come up with new ideas all the time. The ability to generate new ideas on demand can be taught (I know, because I did this for 12 years when I was a CIM Faculty Member).

Here is Mind Map which I use in idea generation sessions and marketing consultancy meetings:

Marketing planning Mind Map by Nigel Temple
In a fast changing world, you need to experiment with different approaches. You need to out-think the competition. You need to produce new ideas for products, services and promotion. You need to solve marketing challenges every day.

It can seem never ending. Creative thinking is a skill, just like any other. It begins with the belief that you can do it, which begs the question: are you creative? I have asked thousands of seminar delegates this question and the show of hands is always surprising (what do you think the hands are telling me?)

Radical and innovate promotional techniques are arriving thick and fast. Some enterprises don’t like change. However, in the 21st century, change is happening at a faster pace than ever before. This is a Darwinian process: survival and success goes alongside the ability to adapt.

An open mind and a creative approach will help you to thrive and take advantage of new opportunities. The good news is that we can all improve our skills and abilities in this area.

There are 100s of creative thinking techniques which you can experiment with. Some are logical in their approach. Others use the human imagination. Some of the techniques are for personal use, whilst others are for team thinking. Some of them, like Mind Mapping, have wide applicability. Experiment with the techniques and apply them to your business and marketing challenges.

In conclusion, creative thinking for business and marketing is a key issue.  If you aren’t coming up with new ideas on a regular basis, perhaps it is time to change your approach.

Is fear of marketing failure holding you back?

Learn about my Creative Thinking training courses.

To find out more, email or call Joanna on +44 (0)1628 773128.

~ Mind Map © Nigel Temple ~ Mind Mapping was created by Tony Buzan~

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