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s-e-oHere are 12 SEO tips:

SEO tip 1: Create an alphabetical list of keywords & phrases. Add all of the obvious words and terms.

SEO tip 2: Create separate Title tags for each of your website pages.

SEO tip 3: Include keyword focused anchor text links.

SEO tip 4: In order to change your own website, you need a CMS (Content Management System).

SEO tip 5: Google loves regularly updated sites with plenty of content.

SEO tip 6: Google reads headlines on web pages (wrapped in H1 or H2 tags)

SEO tip 7: Description tags appear in search results pages. They are ‘webpage ads’.

SEO tip 8: A website Site Map is the search engine’s friend. Create it using XHTML.

SEO tip 9: Comment within relevant blogs and include a link back to your website.

SEO tip 10: Use Google Analytics to measure your website results.

SEO tip 11: Use a quality hosting company within the country you do business in.

SEO tip 12: Keywords should be in the URL, title tag and headline.

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Nigel Temple

Author Nigel Temple

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