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The Marketing Mindset – 7 keys to success

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Does your organisation have a ‘Marketing Mindset’? Ask yourself and your colleagues this question: “Are we sales driven or customer focused?” There is nothing wrong with selling. However, sales will come more easily if you have a marketing orientated culture. Below the Mind Map, you will find 7 keys to success…


The Marketing Mindset – 7 keys to success

1. Create a concise, written marketing plan. This should be separate from your business plan. “Strategy first, action second.”

2. Put the customer at the heart of your business. See your business from your customers’ perspective. Revolve around customers and their needs.

3. Think about how you can best spend your ‘marketing time’. Having worked with over 3,000 enterprises, I can tell you that this is the key to standing out from the crowd. Don’t just do what everyone else in your industry does. Be imaginative. Stretch yourself. Be creative.

4. In increasingly competitive marketplaces, people are a significant differentiator. On this basis, get your customers involved in your marketing. For example, request testimonials, ask for customer feedback, write case studies and conduct audio interviews. Film customer interviews and post them within your YouTube channel.

5. Get management and staff involved, particularly customer facing staff (they know what the customers are saying and what they like / don’t like). Your colleagues can help you to power your marketing campaign with ideas, stories and customer engagement. With encouragement and feedback, social media training can create positive brand awareness and new business relationships.

6. Your brand = your future. Think about your reputation capital and how you can continually improve this.

7.  In an increasingly digital economy, there is plenty of scope for improving an enterprises’ digital marketing strategy. For example, by using the Digital Marketing Circle.

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