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Should I blog within my website or somewhere else?

By April 24th, 2017No Comments

I am quite often asked: “Should I blog within my website or somewhere else?” The ‘somewhere else’ part may refer to separate blog (i.e. separate from your website), or a social media platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

It used to be the case that many people had a separate blog, using, say WordPress (which is free) and then point back at their site via hyperlinks. However, times have changed.

I strongly recommend that you initially post your blogs within your own website.

Then wait for at least an hour before posting them somewhere else.

Every time you post a blog within your own site, it gets larger and you add another URL (web page address).

This is a good thing, as Google favours larger websites.
It has been reported that Google gives preference to sites that are over 100 pages in size. Search engines read your websites’ log files which tells them the date and time that content (i.e. a new blog) has been uploaded.

The upshot is that they give you credit for being the original publisher.

Key factors include:
* Coming up with original ideas for blogs
* Keeping the flow going; for example, by posting a new blog at least once a week
* Answering your customers’ questions in depth, via your blogs, in an interesting, helpful and engaging way

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