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16 MailChimp subscriber, campaigns and report questions

During my MailChimp training open workshops in London & in-house training sessions, questions arise about every aspect of email marketing. Here are 16 of them:

1. Is your subscriber base growing continually?
2. How many methods do you use to increase the size of your list?
3. Are you happy with your campaign templates?
4. When was the last time that your templates were updated?
5. How often do you send campaigns? Almost certainly, the answer is ‘not enough’.
6. Do you always look at the mobile phone campaign preview?
7. What are the key metrics that you look at within reports?
8. How many abuse reports are you receiving?
9. What is the average open rate for your list?
10. What is the split between desktop and mobile?
11. What is your click through rate?
12. What are your most popular landing pages?
13. Why are they so popular?
14. Who are your most engaged subscribers?
15. Are you using videos within your campaigns?
16. Can you link sales to campaigns?

The key metrics should be heading in the right direction, although they do tend to move up and down as subscribers come and go and campaign content changes.

Nigel offers MailChimp training open workshops in London + in-house training.


Nigel Temple

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