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A brand is a promise

A brand is a promise that you will deliver a service or product in the way that the customer expects it. This sounds simple enough, however, there are many things that can go wrong. An enterprise may have inadvertently oversold the features and benefits, hence the old phrase: “Undersell and over deliver.” There may be […]

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Brand strategy

All businesses, no matter what size, should ‘think brand’. Here is a Mind Map (click to expand) which shows the key elements of branding. Scroll down to see a checklist, which explains what the branches mean. Brand strategy Begin with a clear set of objectives for your brand. What does it stand for? What is […]

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What is branding?

What is branding? Your brand = your business, seen from the customer’s perspective. Successful brands are based on strong values. Branding includes your visual identity, i.e. your logo, company colours and typeface. It also includes: *  The thickness of your business card *  How many times the phone rings, before a human being answers it *  How […]

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What are your values?

Great brands are built on strong values. If your business is ‘just you’, then you are the brand. What are your values? Values = the basis of branding. As a business owner, your values are the foundation of your enterprise. Being clear about your values will help you to position your enterprise, amongst other things. […]

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