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Brand strategy

All businesses, no matter what size, should ‘think brand’. Here is a Mind Map (click to expand) which shows the key elements of branding. Scroll down to see a checklist, which explains what the branches mean. Brand strategy Begin with a clear set of objectives for your brand. What does it stand for? What is […]

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What is branding?

What is branding? Your brand = your business, seen from the customer’s perspective. Successful brands are based on strong values. Branding includes your visual identity, i.e. your logo, company colours and typeface. It also includes: *  The thickness of your business card *  How many times the phone rings, before a human being answers it *  How […]

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What are your values?

Great brands are built on strong values. If your business is ‘just you’, then you are the brand. What are your values? Values = the basis of branding. As a business owner, your values are the foundation of your enterprise. Being clear about your values will help you to position your enterprise, amongst other things. […]

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