The Digital Marketing Circle

The Digital Marketing Circle - Nigel Temple
Here is one way of looking at the customer journey.

Profiling: Think about the type of people that you want to reach. The information should be in the Segments section of your marketing plan, by the way.

Keywords: What terminology do your customers use when they search for your type of product / service?

Webcopy: Write online content for the people you have profiled – which provides value / answers questions.

Search: Use SEO techniques both within, and outside of, your website.

Social: Search and Social cross over. Learn what is happening here.

Landings: Create landing pages for specific customer profiles.

Leads: Measure where they come from in order to allocate resources to productive areas.

Customers: Learn from your customers and feed this information into the next cycle.

The Digital Marketing Circle was created by digital marketing consultant, trainer and speaker Nigel Temple.

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