Marketing habits

A great deal of marketing boils down to routines. You (or your team / agencies) need to get into the habit of doing the same things on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. For example:

* Updating your CRM (every day)
* Updating your website (every day)
* Checking your website stats (ideally every day, but failing that, at least once a week)
* Blogging (ideally every day – however once a week is quite acceptable)
* Engaging with people via social media and sharing, commeting, liking etc
* Sending out e-newsletters (at least once a month, but preferably more frequently)
* Telephoning key clients (especially if you market B2B)
* Scheduling sales meetings (if this is part of your business model)
* Running events (at least a few times a year)
* Attending events (i.e. networking, professional or trade events)
* Finding new images (monthly)
* Creating new products / services (at least once a year)
* Filming new videos for your website / social media
* Sending out press releases (i.e. once a month)
* Talking to journalists (as often as possible)

There are many other tasks – depending on the type and size of business that you have. I have written a short e-book entitled 101 Ways to Promote Your Business. By all means email me via or call me on +44(0)1628 773128 if you would like to receive a free copy.

38 ways to promote your website

Here is a website promotion checklist, taken from 269 Ways to Promote Your Business:

App – create your own
Autoresponder messages
Banner ads paid for
Banner ads reciprocal
Blogging within your website
Blogging within other websites
Bumper stickers
Call back button
Corporate clothing
e-books, self-published
Email nudges
Email signatures
Explainer video
Facebook adverts
Facebook for business
Google AdWords
LinkedIn adverts
LinkedIn networking
LinkedIn group – launch your own
Marketing automation
Micro websites
Mobile phone ads (Mobile marketing)
Mouse mats
Multimedia Messaging Service MMS smartphone images / videos
Newsletter via email
QR Codes
Slidedecks – via
Twitter adverts
YouTube product or service demonstration
YouTube video blog

Written by digital marketing consultant, trainer and author Nigel Temple.

Here is Nigel’s Amazon author page:

269 ways to promote your business by Nigel Temple Ver2

Promotional mix categories

269 ways to promote your business by Nigel Temple Ver236 Promotional categories
There are hundreds of ways to promote your business. They are divided into promotional mix categories. An example of a promotional category is Advertising which includes adverts in newspapers, magazines and online, i.e. via Google AdWords.

Choose your promotional mix carefully, as it is a good idea to stick with it (stop / start marketing doesn’t really work).

Many of the techniques available to you are free, some are low cost and others require a budget.

Here is a list of the 36 categories (which we discuss within The Marketing Compass community:

  1. Advertising
  2. Alliance Marketing Partners AMP
  3. Articles
  4. Audio recording
  5. Authorship
  6. Celebrity endorsements
  7. Channel marketing
  8. Corporate clothing
  9. Corporate identity
  10. Corporate hospitality
  11. Customers
  12. Direct mail
  13. Email marketing
  14. Events
  15. Internet marketing
  16. Location marketing
  17. Media relations
  18. Mobile marketing
  19. Networking
  20. Packaging
  21. Point of sale
  22. Printed matter
  23. Professional selling
  24. Promotional gifts
  25. Referrals
  26. Retail
  27. Sales promotion
  28. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  29. Social media
  30. Sponsorship
  31. Telemarketing
  32. Vehicle livery
  33. Videos
  34. Website
  35. Word of mouth
  36. Writing

With regards to the last category, copywriting used to be a specific skill, used within the advertising industry. With the advent of internet marketing, the ability to write clearly, combined with an explosion in innovative software means that writing is a promotional device in its own right.

Written by marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author Nigel Temple.

Marketing combinations

Marketing techniques seldom work on their own. The first step is to generate brand awareness. If you have a budget, then you can create awareness via advertising, exhibitions, sponsorship, printed matter and a website development agency, for example. If your marketing is time based (i.e. your time), you can use alliance marketing partners, networking, press releases, referrals, talks, telesales, word of mouth marketing, blogs, e-newsletter, social media and a DIY website.

When you receive a sales enquiry, always ask how they found you. With a little prompting, it is not unusual to find that the prospective customer has come across your name in several places, which is of course a good thing. “Oh, I found you via search, subscribed to your newsletter and starting following you on Twitter.”

So which of these promotional techniques generated the sales enquiry? The answer is the techniques within which the prospective customer saw your brand name. Quite often, they will have see your name many times, in a variety of places, before they bought something from you and / or got in touch.

A specific response may of course be generated by direct marketing or a particular call to action. However – and this is the key point – customers are much more likely to react when they already know the brand name.

On this basis, my advice is to increase your promotional mix and to increase the frequency of communication. If you are strapped for cash – don’t panic! Use the numerous free / time based techniques which are available to you. There are literally hundreds of them, by the way.

Most of your messages float past in the breeze. Some of the messages are seen. Only a small percentage (typically 3%) of the members of any given market segment are ready to buy when they see your marketing messages. Therefore this is a numbers game. It is all about consistent communication, using a broad spectrum of communications techniques.

50 ways to promote your business

Lights in the mist - photograph copyright Nigel Temple
Here are 50 ways to promote your business (taken from my master list which has 300+ methods). The more you use – the more that your messages will appear in the mist!

  1. Alliance Marketing Partners
  2. Article marketing
  3. Banner ads (internet)
  4. Blogging
  5. Books (authorship)
  6. Brochure (printed, PDF)
  7. Case studies
  8. Channel marketing (i.e. distributors)
  9. Corporate clothing (i.e. branded shirts)
  10. Customers (i.e. customer clubs)
  11. Direct mail
  12. Directories
  13. Emails (1-2-1)
  14. e-newsletters
  15. e-shots
  16. Exhibitions
  17. Facebook
  18. Gift vouchers
  19. Google AdWords
  20. GooglePlus
  21. Instagram
  22. Landing pages
  23. LinkedIn
  24. Location marketing
  25. Media interviews
  26. Networking
  27. Newsletters
  28. Packaging
  29. Photographs (media relations and internet)
  30. Point of sale
  31. Postcards
  32. Posters
  33. Press releases
  34. Promotional gifts
  35. Referrals
  36. Sales promotion (i.e. competitions)
  37. Selling, professional
  38. Seminars
  39. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  40. Signage
  41. Special reports
  42. Sponsorship
  43. Stories
  44. Talks
  45. Telemarketing
  46. Twitter  Follow me:
  47. Vehicle (i.e. livery)
  48. Videos (i.e. via YouTube)
  49. Website
  50. Word of mouth (advocates and referrals)

How many are you using? How many are free? Which ones are working well for you? Which ones should you abandon? You’re welcome to discuss this via The Marketing Compass.

Are you covering the branches of your marketing tree?

If you are frustrated by poor marketing results call me on 01628 773128 and let’s have a chat.

The promotional mix should be part of your marketing strategy and plan.

Photography within this website is © Nigel Temple. All rights reserved.